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Creating an exceptional learning experience through corporate meetings is a process. It's where someone isn't told what to learn, but rather led to discover it for themselves. This is a journey that develops into a personal experience for each attendee. Read more »


The olfactory factor… uniting people through common scents

The common-sense neuroscience elements noted above can help attendees feel more comfortable, connected, and prepared for an exceptional learning experience. There are also related event planning techniques – like common scents, literally – to pique attendees’ engagement levels – right through their noses, in this case.   Read More »


Event design and meeting canoe

I recently delivered a presentation at Kendall College that highlighted the many elements involved in delivering an exceptional learning experience. I’d like to highlight one part of that presentation, The Meeting Canoe, written by Dick and Emily Axelrod who presented to our MPI Chapter this past May. 

The meeting canoe is a structural design technique to help you effectively guide your end-to-end event planning efforts, where the canoe’s width represents the amount of time proportionately you should spend during an event. I think it nicely summaries my presentation goal at Kendall College: To provide aspiring event planners with broad thinking and planning considerations for more meaningful meeting design and execution end to end.
Hopefully, the pre-production considerations in this newsletter also inspire you, and help you think differently about shaping an exceptional learning experience within your own organization. With that, I welcome your connection if I can expand on any of these ideas, and thank you for the important work you do in our industry.


E-postcards with an edge

I’d like to wrap up my pre-production thoughts by circling back to the “certainty” neuroscience concept from above: The logical planning and cadence of event information and how it prepares attendees to learn – before, during, after.
Consider “certainty” and e-communication at your next event and how these could enhance attendee engagement levels, from wherever they’re coming and however they’re attending. This means designing your event’s pre-and post-communications with: A video from your CEO or other event-relevant leader who best reinforces the event theme or key topic; or maybe choose a song that has relevance to the theme or summarizes a core message nicely. Delivering a simple, focused message through an e-vite, and then following through with an e-post-card that creates a desire to attend is a great way to create a “buzz” for your next event. It will grab attendees’ attention early on, and send them away with a sense of continuity and connection afterwards to reinforce the exceptional learning experience they just had.

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Meeting Mix

Tying into our topic of pre-event communications we are in many cases introducing a "theme" or broad stroke purpose for the meeting. Here is Part 1 of our Big Theme Playlist. Part 2 will be in our next enewsletter. Hope you like it!

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