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Left Brain – What Do We Want Them to Know?

Good meetings teach the audience something new as well as remind them of something they have learned before. The core ideas behind teaching should be used. They are explanation, reasoning, finding things out, questioning, content evidence, and credible authority. Meetings should never be an occasion to coldly present facts. Make it easy for your audience to follow the flow of information and lead them to a point where they can learn and decide.  Read More »


Enable Innovative Thinking on a Large Scale

Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. wanted to build a more collaborative organizational culture and enlisted Esprit Productions' expertise to help make that happen.

Disney Institute (DI), the professional development arm of the Disney Company, gave participants an inside-out look at Epcot, touring and exploring the world famous park in the Florida sunshine. Managers learned how Disney fosters innovation and how focusing on the smallest details contributes to the overall positive experience. Following this field experience, DI led several brainstorming sessions using the collaborative meeting software FacilitatePro, which helped engage participants in the creation of new ideas.

This fabulous conference provided many examples of how hands-on participation and idea generation can make your meeting more successful. Instead of lectures, attendees got outside and witnessed Disney innovation firsthand. Afterward, the brainstorming process was made more fun using a cool new technology that encouraged participation and expression of ideas. People valued being an active part of the conference and wanted to contribute to the content development process

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Achieving Presentation Zen

At the end of 2011, author Garr Reynolds released a revised version of his classic book Presentation Zen. In his book, Reynolds gives readers new and fresh ideas on how to best connect to your audience—through storytelling and simplicity.
Reynolds believes that simplicity itself is not sufficient in your effort to improve communication. He says “it is a consequence of our ‘letting go’ of bad habits and much of what we have learned about multimedia presentations in the era of PowerPoint.”  Read More »


One of the great things about traveling across the US is the great people we meet from the outstanding hotels we work in. We expect great service from the front line people such as the Convention Service Manager or the Banquet Manager and almost always they deliver. What I am continuously taken back by is the wonderful service that we receive from the back of house team such as the crew that helps set up the ballrooms or deliver our crew meals. Recently, over one of our crew dinners in the ballroom during rehearsals, one of our techs mentioned it was his birthday. A banquet person overheard him and brought out a cake with candles which made us all feel good about working into the evening.

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Playlists have become such a part of our lives that even the Obama campaign has issued their list for the upcoming election. Regardless of what candidate you like best you have got to like some of these great songs!

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