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Tools for Meeting Effectiveness

Tools for Meeting Effectiveness

Our new Esprit eNewsletter kicks off this month by starting a three-part series exploring how event planners can learn more about whole brain thinking, and use these tips when planning their next event.
What is the objective for your next meeting?  For just about any meeting, the purpose is to communicate information and elicit some form of behavioral change. Meeting planners, speakers and event staff members communicate and send thousands of messages, some overt and others subliminal. The event’s look, feel, and brand; its layout; agenda topics; and even the PowerPoint style all send important messages to attendees about what they should learn, feel, and do. The aggregation of all these bits of information shapes the overall event experience.  Read more »



A recent meeting was led by Afterburner, an organization whose speakers are former fighter pilots. The audience loved their fighter pilot analogies that made learning communication skills easy and fun.   Read More »


Supercharge Your Event Playlists

One of my favorite things to do when I am producing a corporate meeting is to put together the walk-in and walk-out playlists for the event. Throughout a meeting it is not uncommon for audience members to stop by the tech table and ask about certain songs or to look at the playlist in my iPod.
In the coming months, our e-newsletters will feature a playlist from a recent meeting for your use or as a starting point to make your own.  Read More »


I am pleased to introduce the first installment of Esprit's monthly eNewsletter, Production Notes. I hope that this will provide you with new tips and tools to make your next meeting the best ever. Your feedback is always important to me and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as you receive each month's eNewsletter.

Each newsletter will include:

Headset – Where we discuss how todays’ audiences are learning and reacting to what we present.

Showcase – Where we present a recent event and discuss what ideas, big and little added to the experience.

Featured Blog – Will showcase one of our 100+ Blogs where we discuss topics that include Audience Engagement, Event Design, and Technology Tools among others.

Postcards – Being at so many great hotels and venues throughout the year and meeting so many new people is part of the wonderment of being in meetings and events. This section is where I will share one of those little lessons learned, aha or dah moments from something that happens along the way.

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Meeting Mix

This month's playlist includes a great mix of techno, rock and country for walk-in that we used at one of our recent meetings. Hope you like it. Rock on!

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