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Looking at Your Event from All Angles

We have just returned from the Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference at the Westin Diplomat hotel in Hollywood, FL. The point of the meeting is for marketing, media and retail executives to explore how collaboration between partners and consumers can strengthen connections with both. Industry leaders addressed the challenges of connecting in today’s digital environment comprised of diverse consumers. Through better collaboration, better solutions can evolve. Or, more literally, to look at consumers from all angles: 360-degree perspective. This Nielsen event is always one of my favorites to produce. Nielsen is an innovative partner and there’s always something new and exciting at their conferences.  Read more »


Nielsen’s Innovation Expo

One of the highlights of the Nielsen was the Innovation Expo. The expo featured an interactive display that demonstrated how Nielsen uses technology to measure what you watch and what you buy in three separate areas: home, office, and store.   Read More »


Enhance your Content, Expand your Reach!

The magic that comes from a conference is having peers and colleagues together. As much as we value and appreciate the benefits of technology, it’s important to get people assembled, sharing ideas and experiences. The real value of networking  is when people are face-to-face in a room, learning together and from each other. That personal connection helps people remember your event and your company, providing meaningful relationships as well.  Read More »


Hotel Foyers: Not Just for Coffee Anymore

Remember the old days when conference attendees would spill out of a ballroom and meet in the hotel foyer for a quick coffee break.  There you would stand, just you and your name tag, and take a few sips of your cup of joe and eat some muffin, before the next session starts. Those days are long gone. Now the foyer is not only used as an integral part of the meeting space, sometimes what’s happening out there is more exciting and innovative than any other part of the meeting!

And why not? Hotel foyers are huge and great space to take advantage of when you have a big meeting. If you make the foyer interesting and lively with innovative technology or a chance to interact with experts or peers, your giving your audience a better overall experience and keeping them engaged.
The Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference is a great example of using the hotel foyer to its maximum potential. Attendees enjoyed being in larger, more open space because it gave them more freedom. Generally speaking, places with natural light and windows brings more relaxation to the space and situation and having plenty of room to spread out, mingle, and relieve tension.
Coffee breaks just got a lot more fun.

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The Nielsen Consumer 360 Playlist includes a wide variety of club music, Rock n’ Roll, current pop songs, as well as tunes from recent TV advertisements.

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