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Tips for Engaging the Right Brain

The new Esprit eNewsletter concludes its three-part series exploring how event planners can learn more about whole brain thinking, and use these tips when planning their next event.
When emotion is attached to a message, people are more likely to remember the information. Emotion is also a powerful motivator and plays an important role in behavioral change. There are many different and creative techniques that can be used to elicit an emotional response among attendees throughout your event  Read more »


Awards & Recognition

When recognizing the performance of your top employees you must tap into the emotional, right side of the brain. Winning an award is an important acknowledgment of one’s hard work and success, and that appreciation coming from an audience comprised of your colleagues makes it even more meaningful. Read More »


Using Color in Your Presentation

Appealing to the right side of the brain is an especially fascinating prospect because its focus is more creative, intuitive, and emotional. Add some color to your presentation, which can only help your audience remember you — and what you have to say — more.
There are lots of ways to add “color,” by incorporating music, snazzy graphics, and audience participation. But what about actual color? Read More »


High Velocity Sports Bar, JW Marriott Hill Country San Antonio

In this day and age of telecommuting and webinars, there are still huge gains to be made when you bring the members of an organization together in one place for speeches, training and good old-fashioned networking.  You can't belly up to the bar for a casual personal interaction on the internet.  Read my blog for some recent observations and feedback on the positive after-hours impact of a meeting. Read More »


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Music that moves and inspires people at your next awards ceremony taps into our right brain and brings us the motivation to achieve. Take a look at some of our favorite songs.

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