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Millennials at Your Conference

Millennials are defined as the generation born between 1981-1999. They are the youngest members of the workforce, the up and comers, and businesses across the world are looking for new ways to market to them as well as keep them happy as employees. My own children are Millennials and I often seek them out for advice. So what do we know about Millennials and how can we make events more appealing to them?  Read more »


Engaging the Millennials – Wake Forest University’s Springfest

Mary Grace Thomas is a junior at Wake Forest University and is a summer intern here at Esprit Productions. In this month’s Showcase feature of our eNewsletter, Thomas shares her experiences in planning events that appeal to millennials. She served as the chair of Springfest this year at Wake Forest.

At Wake Forest University, the student body looks forward to Springfest, a week at the end of the year which is comprised of fourteen different fun and exciting events. Springfest included such events as Marketplace, Battle of the Bands, Tuesday Trivia, and the tradition of Shag on the Mag (a southern dance).  Read More »


Get Connected at Your Meeting

In today’s world of social media, connectedness is more important than ever before. The younger set attending your meetings and working for your company is the ones who thrive on connectedness more than anyone. Therefore, it’s important that you make an effort for find ways to generate opportunities for those attending your event to connect to each other, professionally and socially, digitally, and in person. Read More »


Millennials on the Move

Millennials are the youngest members of the workforce. They are often single, eager, and flexible to travel with their jobs. The worst thing imaginable that could happen to a millennial on the road is not to have a place to charge up their mobile devices. Airports know this and they’re doing right by these younger generations. More and more airports have charging stations where travelers can juice up their phones, laptops, and iPads.

Millennials also want healthier and trendier food options in airports, and restaurants that have locations in airports are listening. Travelers don’t want to pay for meals on the plane and want something better than a quick burger to go. Fortunately, there is a list available which airports have the best healthy food options.

Then there’s the hotel. Millennials want to stay places that have a hip, young vibe and not your standard hotel. No place exemplifies this more than theWit. The hotel bills itself as “a playfully luxurious departure From traditional downtown Chicago boutique hotels.” It’s in the heart of the city and right next to the L, perfect for environmentally minded millennials.

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