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While things in Washington seem to be getting more dysfunctional by the day, there seems to be a rise in people lending a hand to benefit the greater good. You can’t listen to the news without hearing about another benefit, walkathon, or fundraiser. Recent studies suggest that even Millennials, known for a strong focus on highly impersonal technological communication, are very open to charity donation and volunteering. More than ever, organizations are mindful that their decisions impacts people, planet and profits, the so-called "triple bottom line." Overall, there is a huge groundswell of people helping people.  Read more »


As an event producer most of the time we are working on meetings for corporate or association clients to help their employees or members work smarter, be more innovative to increase market share and to recognize the performance of their audience.   Read More »


Here is a link to several great blogs on millennials and charity work. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/millennials-charity
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When I pulled up to George Westinghouse College Prep High School, I expected to see the traditional early 1900’s structure of Chicago High Schools such as Lane Tech or in my case Bowen High School – architecturally magnificent, filled with the lingering aroma of today’s lunch choices and hallways that could tell a million stories about those who have walked them...

Boy was I wrong... I was greeted by a three-year-old state of the art campus where the building itself is as contemporary as the learning experience within. Westinghouse College prep exposes students to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes Advanced Placement options as early as freshman year and  four years of Spanish or Mandarin Chinese (YES – Mandarin?)

I was most struck by finding out that 'service-learning' is a teaching strategy at George Westinghouse. Service learning connects classroom curriculum with service projects and engages students in projects that serve the community while building social, civic, and academic skills. Through participation in curriculum-integrated service-learning projects, students will be have opportunities to work toward the common good as they develop a strong sense of social responsibility and civic awareness. Community organizations partner with schools to provide authentic service-learning experiences. How cool is that? Our leaders of tomorrow are taught social responsibility at such a young age. It becomes part of their fabric.

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